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Jun 22, 2006 at 04:59 pm by Christopher

"I want you to know how truly touched I am for all the help that you have provided for my grand-daughter. Your insights and wisdom have brought much needed understanding to the professionals that were at a loss on how to help her. As you are aware this has been a very difficult process in obtaining the many services my grand-daughter needs to be a successful student. Your guidance and assistance on a multiple needs child has turned what has previously been an extremely frustrating and difficult experience, into a very helpful learning experience, not only for me on how to help (my grand-daughter), but also her current school teachers, therapists and administration staff. But most importantly what you have done is teach the school personnel in learning how to help any other ONH child that they come across in their professional teaching career. Chris, I want you to know that you are a god-send to a parent of a child that has SOD/ONH. You have seen a need and you have unselfishly found a way to fulfill it."

Thank you.
-- Testimonial from the grandmother of a child with ONH.

"Christopher Sabine is a truly amazing person. His experiences as a child with ONH have been absolutely indispensable (to our experiences rearing our grandson, who is also diagnosed with ONH), not only from an educational standpoint, but from a practical standpoint, that only someone having lead this life would understand and be equipped to convey.

  Recently, we were at our wits end, exhausted of resources and knowledge in our quest to obtain Educational Services for our grandson. Attempting to advocate for a child with ONH can be a very painstaking and emotional process.

  The knowledge of what is needed, finding the resources to meet those needs, convincing educators of these needs and getting them in place, can be very overwhelming.

  Chris' life experiences, educational background and work related experiences qualify him in a class of his own in the world of ONH. With what "seemed" to be minimal effort on his part, Chris pointed us in the right direction, provided resources and consultation that turned our situation around in short order, all while coaching and calming our emotions to a level which enabled us to continue our quest with an objective outlook."
-- Testimonial from the grandfather of a child with ONH

"He has attended two of our meetings via phone and has been able to give the (student’s IEP) team some excellent insight into her condition."
--  Testimonial from an official at a school with a student with ONH.

"You are truly such a tresure for us, SOD families, really, Chris! The passion, the professionalism, the patience, and the ear you have, not many people have or even know what it is. You are very blessed, and we are even more blessed to have you working with us! I would love to include this on your web page, please. I am writing this and the tears are coming. Since you started helping us, our lives got so much better! We got so much help, we did not even know we can or could have! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

--Testimonial from a mother of a child with SOD

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